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Social Software Development

Extend your reach and share-of-voice by letting your market do the talking for you. Social networks allow your users, partners, and staff to interact in an environment branded and facilitated by your organization. Our end-to-end social software solution includes conceptualization, design, development, content styling and online marketing, with content delivered on the browser, over mobile phones and/or via web services. The syndeo::media software platform is built with the Ruby on Rails framework, which allows for a greater focus on quality, and overall shorter time to market.

Search and Social Media Marketing

Your product is only as good as your potential market's ability to locate it online. Our unique approach to online marketing creates multiple routes to your content from search engines, directories and relevant social networks. We specialize in search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaigns and natural link building, and work with our clients to refine their website's content and to be more relevant to their visitors.

New Media Consulting

Ever been curious about the benefits of online video? Ever wondered how a cost-per-action campaign works? Ever discussed the possibilities of virally marketing your brand or business? With the hundreds of emerging trends in the digital domain, keeping up-to-date can be a daunting task. Our consulting service imparts valuable knowledge related to your business and your market, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture without having to immerse yourself in an ocean of data.

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About the Company

syndeo::media is a privately-held company currently operating out of Manila, Philippines, Sydney, Australia and San Francisco, California. We believe that the web exists to allow people to eliminate geographic and socio-economic boundaries, and build meaningful relationships that would not have been physically possible two decades ago. Our software allows people to behave and interact like actual people online, as opposed to anonymous entities behind transient digital profiles.

With over 10 years of experience in new media development and online marketing, our collective skillset is top-notch. Individually, we've built solutions for AOL, Australian local government, Ayala Land, SM Investments, Who's Clicking Who, and many other major clients. If you would like to know more about the team, you can check out our bios here.

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Becoming ill or being injured on a trip or while out within an foreign land, can occur when least expected.

March 14th, 2015 by

It could demand pressing medical thought, generally the care of specialist physicians and hospital emergency rooms. Journey medical insurance plans offer coverage for illness or injuries that happens outside home country, and provide a lifesaving choice with accessibility to right care during any vital health crisis also. Anyone who takes drugs prescribed for someone else places themselves at danger of sickness and even death – and this applies to your own pets, too! Although you will find various drugs used in both animals and individuals, the effects, doses needed, along with other things are not always the same. Your furry friend can readily ingest dropped pills or might be given dangerous individual medicines by an unknowing owner, causing sickness, and even death, of your furry friend. As you’ll be able to tell from this list, a drug that does one thing for folks doesn’t always do exactly the same for our pets. And although this might function as the record of the drugs about which the APCC receives the biggest amounts of grievances, recall that any human drug could present a threat to your own pets – not merely these 10.
…and last, although not the very least, always keep the amount for your own veterinarian along with the APCC convenient. Now firms striving to help consumers in supplier search and choice tell us the information pertaining to which suppliers have been in a specific network is the least precise of data they could receive. For consumers the largest question for plan choice is looking to figure out which supplier is in their strategy, and at the least this necessitates seeking multiple sites. That is basically impenetrable for consumers and that’s assuming the info on the sites is accurate or timely-which it’s frequently not. But think by what the Halbig opinion is all about. But that they also desired a National exchange for all those states that could not or (as it turned out) would not create their own. But apparently they meant that subsidies would not be accessible on the National exchange. To fulfill these concerns, many insurance providers have added, normally at no cost, a basket of cyber and regulatory activity coverages. Regrettably, in nearly all instances, these coverages are substandard should a real concern appear. More is left bare than insured. With that said, it’s emphasized a need and firms have moved in to provide coverage for all these exposures. That makes one last concern. You must be a lawyer to comprehend everything you’re getting.

As with all matters, there’s some overlap between them and the very best strategy would be to obtain a policy which includes at least the Cyber and Regulatory bits to help it become less possible you will have differences in coverage.

Because of this, I am not planning to break my discussion into three types but will move through all of the exposures which should be covered with these policies. One last matter before continuing on to the theme itself and that’s the problem of coverage limitations and price. Most of those coverages possess some deductible/copay. All these really are the prices which you will tolerate prior to the coverage kicks in and they are generally sensible. For most individual and little group practices, $1,000,000 should be sufficient for all coverages except the price of defending your permit. For licensing activities $50,000 to $250,000 should be acceptable and it’ll mainly be a question of what’s accessible and the price.

(The genuine price will be based on numerous variables including which company supplies your Malpractice insurance.)

  • Physicians for a National Health Program’s site functions to ease communication among doctors and also the general public.
  • The perspectives presented on this particular website are those of the individual writers and don’t necessarily represent the perspectives of PNHP.


February 8th, 2014 by

Dog’s Name &amp Age This is Babu. He’s 5 years old.In a Word, My Mutt Is… A tiny dog with a wonderful massive heart!Best Qualities of the Breed He’s super-intelligent (the poodle) and super-sweet (the cocker spaniel)Most Difficult Traits of the Breed He’s really timid (almost certainly due to his rotten early childhood experiences)When, Where and How I Got My Mixed-Breed Dog I bought my dog from a dog-groomer. She claimed he was a Goldendoodle and we paid large bucks for him. She spun a nice story about acquiring him from a loving household who bred shock collars for dogs dogs, but my guess is that he’s a puppy-mill puppy. And he’s clearly NOT a Golden Doodle. He’s a cocker-poo.I’d Describe My Dog As… He’s the sweetest dog, but I believe he was mistreated as a puppy. We attempted to kennel train him, but he had panic attacks when we place him in the kennel. We gave up on kennel instruction quite swiftly. Also, he was afraid to bark, and I suspect that a person could have utilized a shock collar on him. But he’s overcome his early traumas. Now he’s a fearless squirrel chaser and shock collars for dogs the brains of my two dog duo. He only weighs 35 pounds, but our huge dog (75 pounds) watches him continually for clues about what to do subsequent. He is really trainable, knows all types of tricks and is super-obedient. The a single drawback is that he has “spaniel [...] Read Full Article..

Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act, Simplified

February 8th, 2014 by

(Continued from Page 1)For all other lease/rental agreements, the termination date will be the final day of the month right after the month in which the notice was offered. For example, if the term of the lease/rental agreement is yearly and notice was given August 5th, then the termination date will be September 30th. If the rent has been paid in advance, then the landlord must return any unearned portion. The landlord may possibly not withhold the refund of a service member?s safety deposit for early termination of the lease/rental agreement. However, the landlord may withhold return of the safety deposit for damages, repairs, and other lawful provisions of the lease/rental agreement. It’s essential to understand that, beneath the SSCRA, a lease can only be terminated if entered into before 1 goes onto active duty. The SSCRA has no provisions for terminating leases entered into following entry on active duty. Numerous (not all) states have laws which permit military members to break their leases in the occasion they need to move due to military orders. In these states which do not have credit card debt relief such laws, it is crucial that the active duty member guarantee his/her lease consists of a “military clause,” which makes it possible for the member to terminate the lease in the event he/she should move due to military orders. Most bases need servicemembers to have leases authorized by the nearby military housing office. One particular of the factors for this is to make [...] Read Full Article..

Followers and Leaders

February 8th, 2014 by

If one were to take a look at leaders and review their background to assess where they have been and what have they done; one will obviously find out that at some point in their career they were followers. It is not likely that one will be placed in a leadership role automatically and immediately understand the complexities of what is involved with leadership execution. During the process of following a leader, some will observe the leader as constantly asking questions and go on a course of advising; what many followers do not realize; is that during such observations what is actually transpiring is that the follower is developing leadership skills. What in essence is happening; is what some call transformational leadership; that being, during the course of being led one is also transforming through identifying leadership skills which can be used at a future date on a particular task or mission.
The interactive transformation that takes place between the follower and the leader is a process of inquiring based on a give and take process; such as giving advice and taking the feedback from the followers to incorporate anticipated changes. The important aspects to keep in mind during the phase of following; with the intent of being a leader in a future date; is to understand the important skill of listening. Now, I know you have probably heard that before a thousand times, but, the fact of the matter is that listening is an art and a task. [...] Read Full Article..

Pc Repair Solutions Available In Dallas, Texas

February 8th, 2014 by

Pc Repair Solutions Obtainable In Dallas, Texas

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HomeInternet ArticlesSecurity ArticlesComputer Repair Solutions Accessible In Dallas, Texas

Pc Repair Services Obtainable In Dallas, Texas

By Ryan Mark on May possibly 09, 2012

Our modern day life revolves about technology and computer has become vital in running our day to day lives. Organization operations of any magnitude are fully dependent on them and there is no denying the reality that even modest problems with the method exasperate us beyond limit. As a result it is crucial to have computer repair solutions at [...] Read Full Article..

Online Casino Games And Slot Machine Online Games

February 8th, 2014 by

Online Casino Games And Slot Machine On the web Games Sooper Articles Your Very best Write-up Source.. Titles Contents Authors Welcome, Guest Submit Articles Sooper Authors Leading Articles Blog Widgets RSS Feeds FAQ Speak to Locate us on Facebook Adhere to us on Twitter Write-up Categories Art &amp Entertainment Automotive Company Careers Communications Education Finance Food &amp Drinks GamingCommunitiesComputer GamesConsole GamesConsole SystemsGamblingOnline GamingVideo Game Reviews Wellness &amp Fitness Hobbies Property and Family members Property Improvement Net Law News &amp Society Pets Actual Estate Partnership Self Improvement Shopping Spirituality Sports Technology Travel Writing Subscribe to Newest Articles Enter your e-mail address: Valuable Links For Authors Author Guidelines Article Writing Suggestions Why Submit Articles HomeGaming ArticlesOnline Gaming ArticlesOnline Casino Games And Slot Machine On the web GamesOnline Casino Games And Slot Machine On the web Games By Tom Hinkley on July 25, 2013 On-line casino games and slot machine on-line games are played by people all around the planet. These games can be played at residence and at office. They can also be played by means of a smart device. Jocuri aparate sources provide a lot of on-line games. They are used by the folks to the fullest. In the on-line world 1 can play several games without having any hitch. A single can also gamble on the games and few web sites and the on the web sources hold cash on the gamers’ behalf. The escrow payments are released as quickly as results are attained. Jocuri [...] Read Full Article..

Pest manage

February 8th, 2014 by

Pest Handle refers to the regulation or management of animals that present a danger or nuisance to properties or communities. Pest control services tend to use a range of approaches to eliminate the nuisance and danger of unwanted pests.
Poison bait is 1 of the commonest techniques of pest handle. It is normally employed by a rat exterminator for controlling rat populations even so, it is not as successful when there are other meals sources around, such as garbage. Traps are one more form of rodent control. There are several kinds of traps available on the industry these days that can very easily get rid of mice and rats from properties. The snap trap is the most extensively utilized it utilizes a trigger to hold bait, and kills the rodent by striking it behind the head with a wire rod or jaw. In some instances, glue traps may also be employed. This variety of trap requires the mouse or rat to attempt to cross the trap so the glue can hold the rodent. Following a catch is made the rodent can be killed and pest control Albuquerque disposed of. Live catch traps are yet another frequently employed rat trap this variety of trap enables one to catch far more than one particular rodent at a time, so they can be released from the trap in a new place if desired.
But rats are not the only type of pest that can be dealt with by utilizing pest manage services. The method [...] Read Full Article..

How to Train for Basketball

February 8th, 2014 by

How to Train for Basketball


basketball instruction Steven Mitchell

Steven Mitchell has been a freelance writer given that 2007. His function has appeared on basketball coaching Mitchell received a Bachelor of Science in marketing and advertising, with minors in English, philosophy and communications, from Virginia Tech University.
basketball education

Ought to I Pluck the Best of My Eyebrows?

February 8th, 2014 by

Query: Must I Pluck the Leading of My Eyebrows?Answer: I remember increasing up reading in my teen magazines that removing the hair on top of your brow was deemed a big beauty no-no. But now if you get a professional threading, tweezing, waxing or sugaring, most of the time they will eliminate the fine hair on top unless you request them not to.

This does not imply going into the major shape, only removing strays where the hair is dense. But it is a matter of individual preference whether or not it stays or goes.

When To Pluck the Leading of Your Eyebrows

Get that defined appear. If you like the look of getting quite no no hair removal crisp lines and definition, cleaning up the leading tends to make this possible. See example here: defined eyebrow shape.

‘Trouble’ brows. When each brows do not start out seeking related, becoming able to shape them on leading can make them look much more even with 1 an additional.

When Not To Pluck the Top of Your Eyebrows

First eyebrow shaping. Commence off with just getting the bottom and middle hair removed, and see if that does the trick. Doing everything with your initial shaping may possibly be just as well considerably, even if it looks fantastic. You can get rid of the hair on leading next no no hair removal time. (Get how to: eyebrow shaping step-by step.)

You want low-maintenance or more organic look. It really is not for these that [...] Read Full Article..

Get Fashionable Eyelashes with Eyelash Extensions

February 8th, 2014 by

Possessing lengthy and thick eyelashes is considered to be an integral portion of beauty and femininity and so all more than the globe girls want to posses this sort of eyelashes. Some are fortunate as they are born blessed with extended eyelashes, but the rest of them usually want to seek for alternates that are support them out, by supplying a full remedy for their smaller lashes. Eyelash extensions offer length and thickness or volume to such tiny lashes.
Ladies want mink lashes in Dallas Tx, are extremely keen to undergo cosmetic procedures like semi permanent eyelash extension in Dallas Tx. There are a number of salons in the city who offer you to do the job for them really professionally, so a lot of young ladies are undergoing such remedies to get rid of mink lashes in Dallas Tx. A semi permanent eyelash extension process can have a lasting effect on enhancing the look of the eyelashes, for a pretty massive period of time. In some procedures in fact the lash is extended but in other folks only the look of lash extension is offered- eyelash perming is one such procedure where only the mere look of longer and thicker eyelash is accomplished.
The procedure of semi permanent eyelash extension in Dallas, includes the placing of the extension on to the all-natural lash of the particular person in question, it has an quick effect on the appear as it adds length and thickness to the all round eyelash of the [...] Read Full Article..

Exhibiting abroad- Modular display systems

February 8th, 2014 by

Are you hunting to exhibit abroad? Do you want an exhibition show system that is quick, effortless and reusable? Then a modular display program is the answer!
Modular exhibition stands are the most cost successful and flexible show items on the marketplace nowadays.  It is effortless to produce a bespoke appear and feel for your exhibition stand at an reasonably priced price.  A modular exhibition stand is very sturdy and transportable, making it reusable for distinct events each at property and abroad, assisting you to get the most from your organizations advertising and marketing price range.
Rewards of a modular show method
Lightweight and simple to construct.  These superb exhibition stands modular displays meet all trade fair guidelines and require no prior structural approval or engineering calculations.
Adaptable and provide a wide variety of beam and column sizes that can simply adapt to any sort of space
Versatile display stands -  excellent for corporate conferences, portable trade shows and any variety of event you could be attending
Totally customisable and can be tailor made for your every want. With the design and style possibilities offered you can generate a unique platform to promote your firms brand.
Constructed of high quality anodised aluminium and chrome steel you can be specific your exhibition technique will not only bring your brand to life, but will continue to serve as modular displays your easy to develop, versatile and fully customisable exhibition answer.
Exhibiting abroad is one of the quickest and most expense- efficient approaches to reach your target market place. It [...] Read Full Article..

Toronto – Parking Wars

February 8th, 2014 by

Everybody knows that parking in the City of Toronto has verified to be much more of a challenge more than the last couple of years. With the population of Toronto rising significantly each and every year, parking is simply becoming a lot more of a concern for each commuters and condominium purchasers. In a city exactly where parking lots are getting purchased daily by true estate developers to create but an additional Toronto condo, acquiring a parking space and getting in a condo building with ample visitor parking is becoming much more and far more useful.
If you are in the market to obtain a Toronto Condo, an essential issue to contemplate is getting a parking spot. With parking in the city becoming a lot more and far more scarce, and with developers realizing a lot more and a lot more the worth of parking, capitalization of this valuable piece of land has begun. It is for this purpose that purchasers need to often attempt to acquire New Toronto condos a Toronto condo with a parking spot as it dramatically increases the investment worth of the unit when it comes time to resell it. Even if you do not personal a vehicle there are usually ample possibilities to rent out your spot. Rental prices of parking spots in Toronto can differ anyplace from $ one hundred to $ 200 a month. It is to the purchaser’s benefit to buy a condo that has exclusive use to a parking spot [...] Read Full Article..

Bulk Sms Advertising and marketing

February 8th, 2014 by

For more than ten years, brief message service operates as a communication device by most huge firms. SMS marketing has taken a quantum jump and without API, the method would have never worked. API stands for Application Programming Interface and without having it there is no digital service can be accessed.? Bulk text messaging has turned out to be a single of the most preferred forms of SMS marketing and advertising with the help of API. Communication has improved to a bigger extent with Bulk SMS.
It has emerged as a fantastic way of marketing and advertising as it delivers the precise data to the client. Bulk SMS are sent from a private pc to mobile handsets. The Connectivity of Bulk SMS is via the HTTP API and is a single of the best and the fastest ways to deliver SMS Text messages across India with in seconds.
1 sometimes could locate physically getting messages in one’s mobile phones from special numbers not listed in your contacts. These unique numbers are of four to 5 digits only and they typically bring the details sms advertising about a lot of issues. Often, it includes news alerts of activities in &amp around the market place, or often it may possibly be informing you of the latest promotions going on. These messages come from different businesses like banks, boutiques, schools, colleges, retail shops or news agencies. These are Bulk SMS solutions offered to inform the public at huge and make them aware about [...] Read Full Article..

Orca Whale Stuffed Animals & Details

February 8th, 2014 by

A stuffed orca or killer whale as it is much more typically recognized, is one very huge plush toy. Even though it can be purchased in smaller sized sizes, why would you want to when the genuine thing is so large? With any stuffed animal, which includes the stuffed orca, it is often good to be capable to replicate in looks and size the actual issue.
Free Willy was a 1993 family members film which told the story of a young boy named Jesse who befriended a killer whale. After being captured out at sea in a net, a killer whale was taken to a regional amusement park where Jesse was given a job cleaning up the park. Although there, he created buddies with Willy, the captured killer whale, and went on to teach him a variety of behaviors which the trainer had been unable to achieve. The owner of the park, who was without scruples, planned on capitalizing on the talents Willy has shown but when things didn’t go as planned, he resorted to what ever he necessary to to make income. As a outcome and through other series of events, Jesse came to the conclusion that Willy required to be released back into the wild so he could as soon as once again be with the pod he was taken from.
The orca that played Willy in Keiko Mecheri the film was named Keiko and like the character from the movie, he was captured in the wild (in Iceland [...] Read Full Article..

How to Increase Your Instagram Followers to Enhance Your Social Output

February 8th, 2014 by

How to Enhance Your instagram followers to Boost Your Social Output


David Nield

An info technology journalist instagram followers because 2002, David Nield writes about the Web, technologies, hardware and software program. He is an experienced editor, proofreader and copywriter for on the web publications such as CNET, TechRadar and Gizmodo. Nield holds a Bachelor of Arts in English literature and lives in Manchester, England.
View my portfolio
instagram followers

Vehicle Accident Claims- Get Complete Compensation for Injuries

February 8th, 2014 by

Automobiles have always been an essential mode of travel but occasionally this travel turns out to be a nightmare and when you open your eyes, you get to understand that you have been involved in a automobile crash. The word accident is traumatic and can lead to both physical and psychological injuries. If you locate yourself in any such scenario then do not be concerned you can go in for Auto Accident Claims in order to get the full compensation for your injuries. So now, you do not require to take any tensions about the costs and losses that you will suffer after the incident.
In order to be eligible for these vehicle accident lawer claims it is vital that you must not be at fault for the accident. If you are drinking and driving then this claim will not be of any help to you. Majority of the accidents happen simply because of failing to look when pulling out of a junction or unable to keep a proper distance and crashing into the back of an additional automobile. But you require to prove that a third party was involved in the auto accident. This compensation in case of accidents is paid by the third party insurance coverage firm.
These accident claims are usually dealt by insurance coverage companies who have private injury solicitors. These solicitors help to recover all uninsured losses like loss of earnings car accident lawer as properly from third parties. .
As vehicle accidents can lead to broken [...] Read Full Article..

Asphalt Removal in Tampa FL

February 8th, 2014 by

There are only two choices when dealing with asphalt removal in Tampa FL. It is either you employ a professional contractor specializing in removing asphalt or you do the operate by yourself.
Either way, you need to have some fundamental understanding in asphalt removal. This protects you from exploitative asphalt removal contractors, as nicely as equips you with expertise in case you are removing asphalt in your house by yourself.
Make confident that you are removing asphalt from your home. At times it is possible that even a minor strip in between your property and the sidewalk is nevertheless incorporated in the public’s right of way, which is of course, government owned.
The first issue that you require to do is to call 811. This is the national hotline when doing asphalt removal work. Removing asphalt in Tampa FL is illegal without creating the 811 contact at least two days just before the project begins. This is to make certain that necessary arrangements are made with the nearby authorities in Tampa FL so that no tampa fl real estate damage to the sewer or utility lines are produced.

After carrying out this, make positive you have all the necessary gear for removing asphalt. You will need a concrete saw with diamond blades. The diamond blades are the ones who delineate clear lines among the asphalt that you are removing and the asphalt that you want to retain. The diamond blades are also the ones who breaks up asphalt into smaller chunks to make [...] Read Full Article..

Electronic Cigarette Cigarette smoking: What It Can Do For You

February 8th, 2014 by

Write-up by Brian Benston

Electronic Cigarette Cigarette smoking: What It Can Do For You – Wellbeing

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There is no doubt that digital cigarettes smoking cigarettes is the very best way to give up smoking cigarettes and to in the end, make the entire world become a lot less polluted. There are even now specific folks who have digital cigartettes. They are assuming that there aren’t many electronic cigarette positive aspects to go about. If you feel the exact same way, then you better carry on reading through. Digital cigarette cigarette smoking can assist you help save a lot of funds. In contrast to what most men and women presume, a solitary cartridge charges significantly less then the genuine sticks. This makes it possible for you to smoke with no likely all out with the spending budget. Digital cigarettes are also simpler to use. Look at the circumstance. Ashtrays are no longer required for you to find. You never have to make certain that you toss absent the cigarette butt in the trash can each and every single time that you smoke. Yet another slim that you can be free of is the burden of having to deliver lighters all the time. One more issue digital cigarette reward is that you would not have that foul-smelling odor that smokers typically have following smoking. Ashes are not a dilemma with digital cigarettes. Another [...] Read Full Article..

What Are the All-natural Sources of Radon Gas?

February 8th, 2014 by

What Are the All-natural Sources of Radon Gas?


multirae Josh Fredman

Josh Fredman is a freelance pen-for-employ and Internet developer living in Seattle. He attended the University of multirae Washington, studying engineering, and worked in logistics, wellness care and newspapers ahead of deciding to go to function for himself.

Mortgage Prices, Existing Interest Rates, 30 year fixed rate

February 8th, 2014 by

2008 Vacation Season: Monetary Report A need to read for home owners
The Dow is inevitably reaching its lowest point since the terrorist attacks of 9/11. As a result, investors are taking their income out of stocks and putting it into treasury bonds a secure haven for investors weary of the unstable market place. In turn, pushing the price of bonds up and the yield down affecting the mortgage rates that are directly tied to the yield. It is quite basic when the marketplace bottoms out so will the 30 year fixed mortgage price. What does this imply for those folks browsing for a loan? This holiday season presents an superb opportunity to refinance, and increase cash flow for 2009 and beyond. So, decide on a lender now and prepare your self to lock existing mortgage prices ct in a rate later. Will rates be as low as four.9% on a 30 Year Fixed? Possibly so, we saw this take place about the exact same time final year, but below a set of entirely various situations. Right here are a couple of factors to maintain in thoughts when refinancing in today’s difficult industry circumstances.
ü Do not do company with any organization you have by no means heard of. Period. These organizations teach their salesman how to overcome this objective. Are you tough adequate to turn them down? Give in and you will get burned.
ü Do not spend for an appraisal. Residences are not selling, therefore, banks are not lending. Half [...] Read Full Article..

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